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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 24, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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best vegan meatless cheese stake with vegan cheese. >> delicious. >> thanks for sharing that, too. >> and, it is, since it is national cheese stake day we want to have a competition. quincy and i are putting our skills to the test, we went to geno's, pat's and we wanted to see who was best at making cheese steaks and hoist best at selling cheese steaks who do you think it will be? lets look at you're lex here. >> it is close. >> look at that. >> team alex 58 percent, team q42 percent. use that #fox 29 team alex that whole line, and if you think i will win or fox 29 team q if you think quincy will win. just a little bit we will show you results and what happened. it is kind of frightening. it is. good day, it is friday. march 24th, 2017. thanks for joining us, bob. >> as mike would say for the love where are the cheese steaks. we have been talking about them since early in the morning. >> i need my cheese steaks. >> i thought you were trying to get some other people to
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bring some down too. >> i have a few text projects but nothing has come through here just yet. >> not that we're begging. >> do you need retail therapy, it may come as in surprise but a lot of people go shopping when they are sad or bored. but what they actually buy, may surprise you. >> we want to show you a person making a big change, michael jackson song, that hair right there, taking a long time to grow it all but really important cause, in his hard, family, life, and i will grow my hair out and shave it all off. we will do it live right here on this show. also as we go there friday where jen surprises a person who really makes a difference. my gosh she has bull horn out. >> we have, wow, we have to use this because it is such a big surprise, okay and i want to you necessity our tactical team is inside the school making sure that the person we are about to surprise has no
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idea, yes, jared. >> yes. >> so be quiet. >> who gave jen a mega phone. >> this could be the biggest surprise ever, biggest. >> all right. >> we will see. >> thanks, jen. >> we will check back in, i can't wait for. that. let's discuss this. at what age do you consider yourself an adult. if you are like most millennials it is not until 30 or 40 years old according to a new survey. millennials believe they are adults when they move out, get a job and start paying their own bills. but i guess that is not until 30 or 40. experts say millennials so long because they have been cuddled by their parents. things were just too good at home. that is why it takes longer. i want to ask i guys, karen, when did you feel like thinks real i'm an adult. >> you first feel like your teenage years, i'm grown up, i
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can do everything i want, mom and dad. you are not really a grown up. difficult not feel like a full on adult until second kid. when you have one child you can do everything you are doing and still think you are young and do whatever. it is when full family effect, driving family car, third row seat, it is over. >> the van. >> soccer mom. >> yes, i would say same thing when you become a parent, a dad, that adulthood sets in but then there is also, i don't feel like i'm an adult. i still feel young. you still feel like a kid. >> two, three, four, five. >> six kid we have. so, i'm diving right back in. i'm loving doing the kid stuff , the baseball stuff, the fun goofy stuff, being a kid. >> because you are a kid at heart. >> you have older children. >> do they feel like they are adults yet or do you think of them as an adult. >> my daughter kristin is sure e
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thinks she's an adult. she is an adult. she's not a kid. but i really don't think you'll feel like an adultld. >> does she still call to you fix stuff? i feel like every time my sister and i are older, and we still need our parents to do, dad, can you change light bulbs, simple household things >> she called me, let's see about a week ago, dad, the ceiling is leaking from the apartment above, and, any what do i do. i'm working her through it. dad, they are working out front on the sidewalk, and the board is missing and i'm afraid somebody will fall down in the hole can you call the streets department. >> is that an adult thing or is it just more you have your dad. especially single woman, single girl, daddies the man in my life. i will call him. i can still feel like ab adult if i'm paying bills, then i'm an adult. >> as much as i like to say,
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you should be able to hand that will on your own. i kind of love that she is calling me. okay, i'll call the landlord, do you want me to bring stuff over. it is a dad thing. >> you feel needed. >> yes. >> my baby girl is grown up i'm still needed. >> she's growing up, getting married. when does she get married. >> september 8th. >> it is coming up. >> yes. >> do you like him. >> he is a great guy. i'm very happy for them both. good kid. we had wedding plans, the meetings, dinners and all that it is a lot. >> does she involving this or is she making decisions. >> i'm just listening. >> are you you can go to walk her down the aisle. >> are you ready. >> i'm not ready, don't get me started. we judge just talking the other day, about songs and what the song to dance too and i will be able to handle it. i will lose it. >> will do you fun dance. >> i'm thinking 50/50.
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start off slow and break it not to a fun one what do you think. >> chorography and everything. >> we will get dancing with the stars or somebody to come in here. >> we should send you to the dance class and we want to make sure you do this right. >> i need a dance class. >> bob in the dance class, put together a routine. >> yes. >> okay, all right. >> i'm thinking bit. >> keep us updated. >> it is interesting when you go to college, i thought i was really an adult. i'm away from home. i went to school in missouri. i am in missouri. my parents are so far away. but it is perfect balance. you are on your own but they are still paying some of the stuff. you can still call them, get to go home, it that is perfect middle. >> it is a trial. they give you a little bit of rope, see how you do. but deep down they are ready to bring you back whenever you call they are there for you. >> that is true. >> how do you feel now.
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>> i just feel it is real. is there so many books written about, high school, getting ready for college, and course load, an then making time. there is not many books what it is like when you graduate and go in the work world. that is when it gets real. you have a boss. trying to figure out that life , work life balance and new place, getting things together, and the bills. it is a lot. that is when you are an adult. you have a job. out of your house. new city. i moved to a new city. but it was just so much, at won. but at first my parents would visit a lot. this is back in another state. my parents would come visit. after that, they would just backup. okay, we will not come this time. but in this business we are working holidays. it is hard because holidays are when i'm with my family. >> my parents, for all of my holidays, every city, up in the new york, we had awe favorite one, ethiopian thanksgiving, nothing was opened, we had to have meals
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that was debacle. it is g it is that gradual separation. i feel like it was not until i clicked over to 40, that i felt like a real grown up. >> wow. >> probably. >> so weigh? when do you feel like an adult >> this recent study that has been put out, when americans get emotional they buy things. they call it retail therapy, right. would you think if you are sad you want to feel better just splurge, you know you get those things you don't need but you want to make yourself feel better. a study public in the journal consumer resuch suggested people experience loss of control they buy products more functional in nature. but, you know, they are associated with problem solving, and which may enhance peoples sense of self control. >> i disagree. if i'm feeling bad, i believe in retail therapy, you know,
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you don't want to spend that much money but i am buying stuff around the house it is just a regular day. if i feel better, give it a shoe, dress, somized cream. it is something that i do not need, but i want, so just want something to make me feel better. do you buy necessities when you feel bad. >> i agree but one of the most interesting studies they did research, they thought woman would feel stressful, food shopping, spending so much money. as soon as they step in the store you relax because you have choice. even if you don't have choice with your problems in your life, it is so much choice in the supermarket. when they got tense is when they came in and you have to pay for it. no, turf pay for this, and, you know, whether it is food or whatever to acquire some stuff and have decisions because you cannot control is what happening with the husband, kid, and everything olds but you can control what kind of cereals you will buy. >> do you do retail therapiy lot his clothes. >> oh, yeah. >> i do clothes shopping, if i'm stressed, or just got to
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get out, go shopping, buy some stuff for myself, tie, shirt, or a jacket, casual stuff, because everybody says you are dressed up, and try to buy casual. supermarket i'm a snack man, snack guy. >> is what your snacks. >> i like little pretzels, the little potato chips. >> don't even go down there you don't want to go down there road. you will never leave. >> it messes me all up when i go to wegmans. it is like i'm lost. i have a huge snack department now. so i'm a snack guy. >> so when i'm hungry at work stop by your desk. >> jen's ready to surprise our , you go there honorary this week but first we want to reveal hoe is and why we chose him. his name is tom, and he is principal at evergreen avenue elementary school. this should abe clue yes goes
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there. he is in woodbury, new jersey. every friday he makes 15 house calls to his students homes. his goal to visit every student's home by even of the school year. we're talking about 296 kid this principal, he presents them with the stand out student award and pence that i will read my principal is proud of me. and that is not all to encourage his students to read and be more confident he has partnered with area barber shops and hair salon toss allow kid to read books allowed while getting their hair done, and also at a discounted price. he is going over and beyond, so now jen, we are ready for to you surprise him. >> okay, we will walk into an assembly. i'm hoping he is surprised. we have talked about this. i'm always nervous because i know they are getting surprised. they don't know. so it is really, really cool. hi, guys, how are you. do you think he has any dewe will surprise him no. >> do you think he likes surprises. >> yes. >> do you want to come with me i have the bull horn, you guys
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right behind me. are you red i let's do this. >> excuse me, excuse mr. braddock. come on. >> do you know these people mr. braddock. mr. braddock. >> applause. all right, mr. braddock good morning to you. >> good morning i'm from fox 29. i brought your lovely family,
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with me. because we want to tell you, you physically go there. you go there you are fearless, you are trying to go to each one of these, students, school , homes, and they are so proud of you, and first of all , thanks for being kind of principal every kid wants to have in their elementary school. >> thank you, appreciate that. >> so is what the name of the thing, when he comes to your house on a friday, because you are stand out student. we didn't even practice that. we just met these people. we are here because every friday some of these kid get so excite because they are trying to figure out if you will come to their home and let them know how special you think that they are. why did you think it ways important to go to these kid houses. >> it is what i would want for my own children, you know, it is what we do in woodbury. we try to be leaders and personalizing education and that was my idea how to do
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this. >> you will get this and get this but it is an amazing program we do in the barber shops. you want these kid reading. explain to people, they sit down, get their haircut and you want them reading a book. >> yes, we created a partnership with five area barber shops and hair salons and kid go there and they read to the barber, and, they get a discount on their haircut. barber gets to hear them read. it is a great partnership. >> you have been a principal here about a year. >> yes, yes. >> you know you will miss your dad every friday night because he is going to someone else's house. >> yes you think that is cool some principal came to your house. >> he is doing good for the community and it all works out in the end you sore proud of your dad. >> yes, i am you too. >> yes. >> so, how cool is it when i comes to your house. >> cool. >> at this point you are doing 15 side every friday. >> fifteen to 18 and yesterday
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i did about 16 because i'm flying out to california for a conference. >> difficult hear that. when when you first started doing that they look ought like santa claus, disney world all wrapped up in to one. >> yes, it was shocking but, the greatest gift was seeing how excited they were and, just knowing that it was making a difference, and the parents, were as excited as i was for the program, and i just will continue to do it for as long as i'm principal here. >> you want to see is what going on in their homes, right >> yes you want to see challenges, great things, and both. >> it is a change, and i knew that when i was an assistant principal and, principally would go to a child's home. it is often times they were in trouble and i wanted to go for positive thing and it is completely changed the way i look through at all of the children much more with a loving, understanding heart. >> i said it as i came in, i'm so glad you, did it means
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something. these kid mean something to you. like i said you go there i'm so proud. everybody wants a principal like you. i hope you are an inspiration to others. one more time, mr. braddock... >> back in the studio. >> what an amazing surprise. >> emotion in his voice as he was choked up. >> the fact that he is doing that is really going over and beyond, to be there for their kid to go home, that is something. >> involved in the community he goes there. if you know anyone like that and they don't have to be a principal, just let us know, send us a message to keep recognizing these people and supporting them as they do great work in their community. >> people are weighing in from our conversation earlier and bob you were talking about your wedding and your daughter 's wedding. >> my mom watch these she so my mom's cute, just so happy
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for you and kristin, may eighth coming real soon. mom, the wedding is september 8th. not may eighth. >> is there a shower. >> no, not mate eighth. >> i don't know where you are going may eighth but wedding is september 8th. >> may eighth is coming to. >> that is right. >> yes. >> love it when moms weigh in. >> moms always watching. >> in philadelphia, earlier this week, it was shut down in certain areas of center city. >> yes. >> wednesday. >> yes. >> that is because the l even degenerous show was coming to town and she asked fans to come out dressed as famous duo s and compete in the obstacle course all for $10,000 prize. four lucky fans, that were pick to compete and how is how it went. >> all right. here's what you have to do, okay. here's wharf to do. >> okay. >> all right.
9:18 am
>> congratulations, $10,000 from capitol won. >> since you tried so hard with the meeting here you are getting $5,000, for also playing. >> yes, there is john dorenbos there, so this duo, there is black eyed peas, get it, that is right. and, you can remember that in the movie efl when he goes out , back to new york. he comes out of the water and says good luck, buddy. >> yes. >> yes. >> so this shut down a few blocks on, for that taping and crowd formed early in the morning despite filming not starting in the 6:00 p.m. they were outside in the cold,
9:19 am
and that is a cold slow down. >> i think it is so much fun, so much fun. >> i loved black eyed peas they make a good halloween costume. >> it is easy, pretty cool. >> reallies i. >> moms know, being in labor it can be painful and tough. i'm sure you can speak to that >> so this is something quite an inspiration a mom from delaware county is distracted in that moment. she had friend coming out. they had fun. this is just yesterday in the delivery room with their family, take a look. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> you know this song, salt and pepper.
9:20 am
so mom's came in labor and she's, at bryn mawr hospital, her husband rocky, her sister john and grand mom valerie and nurse, nurse julie, they are in this video makes you wonder how long that video will come. >> the baby's here. >> and was born about 15 minutes after filming that video. this was at 9:40 yesterday morning mom and baby. i love this mike does this when i read stories we have to come out and we have to say, fcc regulation. >> yes. >> mom and baby are doing just fine. >> that is so cute. new member of good day. >> that may be it. >> you are in labor, salt and pepper just push it out. >> it i it goes upon the mood of the person, easy for me to say, dance around the room. >> yes. >> push it, push it. >> karen i is like not in my
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labor room we are not doing that. >> good job, mayor and katie perry. john mayor still may be holding out hope and wrote a new song for katie we will hear next:
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it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america. ♪ >> i love this song. no such thing, john mayer, i love that song. >> yes. >> katie perry is talking to fans all around the world but her number one admirer may be one of her x's. john mayer, he apparently is reminiscing about his romance, they dated on and off for three years. they broke up for good in 2015 recent interview he admit that had she still holds a place in his heart. on a track, it seems pretty career he has not gotten over their relationship, listen to
9:25 am
the song. >> ♪ still feel like your man ♪ >> he says, he wrote his new song still feel like your man about katie. he says his time with her was his only relationship, he has only had one relationship. >> he has dated a million woman, jennifer love hugh it but when was with her he was not with a million other people. >> he does have a reputation. >> i was going to say. >> it may be perfect timing because earl are katie perry broke up with her boyfriend orlando bloom. could we see them come back together. >> win them back, with the songs. >> i don't know, we will have to see. but they say it was taylor swift when she gets out of the relationship a song will come out of this he is pulling back , writing songs bit. >> we have to check in with katie and see if she would even go back, song or no song. >> she may not want him back. >> right.
9:26 am
>> exactly. >> we were asking please send us cheese steaks, we'd love to have some. >> look at what happens. ably them in. wow. >> special delivery. >> this is from phillips steaks on passyunk avenue. >> yes. >> here we go, with, without. >> we have whiz, old fashion with sweet. >> this is exciting. >> national cheese stake day. we have been asking people where is your favorite place for a cheese stake, are you going to be eat to go day. we are getting more tweets. it is friday on lent. >> yes. >> this is temptation, folks, that is what that means. >> provolone, americans, cheese steaks for everybody. >> thank you, phillips. i love that. >> take a bite. >> karen could not wait. >> i love it. we have our cheese stake competition coming up, pat's and geno's cheese steaks every where. >> i sent a message to geno, said where are you cheese steaks. they should be coming
9:27 am
momentarily. >> we will have more cheese steaks. >> you know, it is time. we will show you a guy work to make a big change. do you see his dread locks? he will shave them all over and off live here on the show. >> yes. >> we will tell you why, he is going to go bold. bring out clippers. look at his face. i don't know. brace yourself. brace yourself. so is what your favorite cheese stake you have seen we have phillips here, joe says a mato's pizza in fairless hills has the best cheese steaks. lynn says slice's on main street has the best cheese steaks. bobby says campos right down the street. >> that place is packed. >> we would walk there right now. thanks, bobby.
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yes, it is national cheese steak day. look at quincy. he's pulling out that wiz. putting our skills to the test. we went pat's and jean's', who is the best at making cheese steaks, who is the best? let's check the results. we want to know who team you're on, team alex or team quincey? team alex, 656789 team quincy 35%. keep voting almost time for the competition. you can still vote. get your votes in use the hashtag team alex or fox 29 team q. >> but we have to do this. because at this moment we saw on the break you saw a gentleman by the name of alan with long dredlocks, would you be brave enough to give up your hair for a good cause? raises money to cure pediatric cancer. allen pits, he's brave, he's agreed to go bald for saint baltzricks. also joined by chelsey,
9:32 am
organizing the shave off. katie you're doing the cutting. before you pull out the scissors, i want to ask you, how long have you had your dreads? >> been about ten, 12 years. >> ten or 12 years, they're beautiful by the way. >> thank you very much. >> are you ready to let them go? >> mostly. >> katie, he's a little nervous. take the scissors, put it around his face so he can see what's about to happen. see that? ukee okay? while we are cutting, talk about why you're doing this, this should help you be cool while this is happening. you, even though you started ten years ago, you weren't always planning on cutting your dread rocks, what changed? >> i heard about saint baldrick's, as a child my mother suffered from cancer so i think very good cause. >> talk about what that was like, your mother? >> yes. >> when were you young, when did you notice? >> very young, i had to first decided because i got to spends some time living with one of my cousins, my best friends at the time.
9:33 am
and i didn't realize that the ther was getting ao live with masectomy. >> wow. >> so this has been something that we've had to deal with as a family for lives. >> seems like because they go through so much. not only does it affect them in their lives but also the family because you want to do something about it, but you really can't. right? >> one of the things that really inspires me, like as a father, is that i find that one of the most difficult positions to be in is to be where you feel powerless, to be able to take care of someone that you love. >> and so this is your way to take back that power, do something, something good? >> absolutely. >> wow. when you told your family, how many kids do you have? >> i have three. >> three kids. were they like oh, dad, what? you're going to do what? >> there is a little bit of, we will call it hesitation on their part. >> but you know because of what you've been through, what you notice with your mom, that this is right for you? >> i whole heart educationally believe so.
9:34 am
>> how is your mom doing now? >> doing much better, much better, yes. she is still her joyful and inspiring self. >> wonderful, glad to hear. but we want to raise air wear necessary, so glad you're able to do this here in the studio life so we can cam your reactions to it. more people are doing this this weekend? >> yes, irish pub at the corner of 15th and locust, sunday having brave the shave event. thirty-five people have signed up so far. two shave their heads. taking donations as pledges to shave their heads. allen is one of our most brave. >> yes. >> it is at 3:00 p.m. we encourage everyone to come out, enjoy, it will be so much fun, arms, great day to be be out. >> if you're thinking this is something i should do, i'm sure there will be lot of stories like allen. >> absolutely, we encourage every one is interested in shaving their head common in, register the day of. all we ask to donate little bit of monday any toward get your head shaved. >> do you have to have certain lent of hair? we see this guy here in the
9:35 am
video, he has shorter hair. does it have to be as long as allen? >> no, everyone welcome to shave their head. >> so allen took you ten years to get here. so to cut out ten years going to ache a while. so will you stay here, we'll check back in on you. as go through this process so we can see the finished product? >> absolutely. >> great. katie, doing all right? your hands tired yet. >> no, halfway through. >> first, what's your method here? you want to cut them to his sca. >> he will be completely bald. >> completely bald. >> do you hear that? look at his face. my gosh, just remember why you're doing it, remember why you're doing it, thank you so much. so we will keep checking in, allen, stay strong, stay strong. >> absolutely. 9:35. kittens, they're do-able. but would you want to smell like a kitten? why one company is hoping you do. we'll explain.
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>> ♪ cheese steak ♪ >> i love it, i haven't heard this one. so, pappa nick's third and godfrey specially the chicken cheese steaks. another: chick del any new jersey has the best cheese steak. carla says can't have a cheese steak, i gave it up for lent. >> it is friday in lent, so there is the debel there. >> i know, right. >> well. >> and then steven says: kurt's pizza in new jersey. >> i just ate meat, and it is friday. but i don't think it is a sin if you didn't know about it. >> okay. >> what do you mean you didn't know about it? >> no, i didn't know about it, i just ate the cheese steak without thinking about it. i think i got to call the bishop. because if i didn't do it intentionally. >> okay. and on saint patrick's day they said it was okay.
9:40 am
>> right? >> corn beef? >> call to see. >> whew, going to confession now. >> there go. >> going to confession sunday. so let's check back in on allen. oh, they're almost all cut off. so he's been locking his hair for how long, say it again. >> ten to 12 years. >> ten to 12 years. so, he's getting them cut and shaved, because he want to raise money to cure pediatric cancer. there is a link to allen's fundraising page, if you would like to donate and help him out, this is on fox. he has his page there. and there is going to be so many others this sunday, so we will keep checking back in with him so we can get that finished products. >> look at the look on his face. >> stay strong, alan. >> he is superman on his shirt, i'm just going to keep looking down on that, superman now dealing with this. >> for cat lovers out there, there are few smells better than their furry friends. i think you can love cats, though, without smelling like one. now one perfume company claims to have bottled that smell for their latest fragrance. the perfume is the latest in a
9:41 am
line of animal fragrances, oh, that sounds the country, didn't it? frag ranking, thought to stimulate the brain to produce dopamine. it is a chemical that's linked to pleasure. so, it is as kitten-inspired scent. but it was also this company, alhat. yes, so all kind of natural smells. >> early smell, like a furry kitten can be like when they're all warm and snuggle, and have been sitting in the sun, they can be good to cuddle up with. >> and you feel, that you don't smell that. i just can't imagine. >> i'm allergic to cats, love them, love them, but just allergic to them. >> but would you be allergic to their scent. >> i don't know if that would come to work with me if i come to pick you up. >> what about black pepper? apparently black pepper smell too. >> really? >> wouldn't that make you sneeze if you smell pepper? >> now, would you, if you were going out on a date, would you give black pepper or some dirt a try. >> maybe if he likes some
9:42 am
seasoning in his live (not? >> i think my kids, when their hair gets too deli -- dirty trying to get them, i say you smell like a wet dog. i don't want wet dog smell. >> wait. katie. i'm looking at alan, he has -- t it y look at his face, we do not want to miss this on tv. go ahead now. cut the final ones, alan, are you ready? >> all right, let's do it. >> drum roll? oh, all right! >> and can i just say, can we just widen out on alan for a second, such long hair, so beautiful, gorgeous, but if we widen on out, now i can see it, you have fine physique right there. >> oh,. >> hiding it all. so thank you. >> in the superman shirt. but we're not done yet. you know there is moral and. he's like ya, i know. >> ya, i know. >> helping kids with cancer. >> he's inspiring others that will want to dot same sunday, we love him for. that will that's great.
9:43 am
coming up on 9:43, i think it is time. almost time for the competition? put -- putting our skills to the test, finally, quincy here. we will see who made the best cheese steak, who is better at selling cheese steaks. we'll have our answer, team alex, team quincy. >> q just walk in with the secret weapon. >> he did. >> he did. we'll see what happens. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming it's now open in the poconos! america's largest indoor waterpark is making waves. kalahari resorts & conventions in the poconos. book your african adventure now!
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>> if we didn't have radar we wouldn't know what's happening. headed our way, this precipitation, now it, won't and lot. but there is some rain in our immediate radar. we see some already in lancaster county, very light, and it could be mixed with a little bit of, maybe, couple of snowflakes, because it is 39 degrees at the surface, but little colder aloft. philadelph. it is 30 in mount pocono. forty-three in wildwood. but this is what it feels like, and this is why you still need the winter coat. feels like 31 in philadelphia. right now. seven day forecast has a nice improvement from yesterday, 55 , and 70 degrees tomorrow, but then we're back in the 50's on sunday, with a chance of spring showers all the way through wednesday of next week. back to you. >> thank you, sue. all right, it is for the final
9:47 am
steps for alan, we will check back in with him. katie go ahead, get that going. >> fire it up. >> you hear that, allen? >> oh! >> i love it. so let's get started. so we can get this final look, thank you, katie, from salon thalia. also message to you, alan. >> oh, wow. >> look at that. johnny howard, he says, i need to you have alan laugh out loud. tell them johnny howard has just passed out. >> oh, no. >> probably not whether this is happening now. keep us still. you don't want any nicks, oh, so close, katie will be busy doing there is then have our final look at alan. we got him to laugh out loud though, so that's good, we will check back in just a little bit when the show over. >> is he laughing or crying. >> probably a little bit of both. and we don't blame him. we don't blame him. welcome, quincy, and jordan. >> the secret wept job hey, jordan, who is that up thereon tv? >> boost your votes there. >> of course they'll vote for alex, you
9:48 am
>> uh-huh. >> we had jordan here, what's up? >> can you say vote for quincey? vote for daddy? >> team q? >> vote for dad. >> i look there and say it. >> say it again. >> vote for daddy. >> oh, see, you're going to get lots of votes there, it is over. >> but we've been talking about this all morning long. we went to south philly and we decided to do this cheese steak challenge, pat's and geno's, and we ask you who you thought would win. so, oh, we're refreshing. oh. you know what? probably last minute votes now that fine out who really won this competition right now? >> ♪ >> hey, everybody, welcome to geno's steaks. i'm gino himself. guess what, it is national clues steak day. we're having little competition. we'll see who will make the best cheese steak and sell the most cheese steaks. is it going to be quincy or is it going to be alex? and the winner guess what? >> what? >> you're going to get your
9:49 am
picture on the wall, wall of fame. hey guys we will get to. >> this get underneath of it. just flip it over. >> so we got the wiz right here. what we will do is lay the meat in the sandwich like a deck of cards. onions on it, of course. >> okay? >> you guys can do that. >> i think we can do it. >> go. >> deck of cards. >> oh, my goodness. >> then just put it on. >> oh. my gosh. >> look at these. you're missing these flips. wow. look at that. >> now, wait. lay it in. lay it in. >> lay it in. >> ya. that's cheating. did he it before you said go. and you are already behind. >> see, look, he can't even get it in the bun. common. you can't help him. what's this? violation. >> perfect. boom. said perfect.
9:50 am
>> we will take over cathy's job. >> how long have you been here? >> forty years. >> forty years. okay, we've been here like five minutes. we got this. hello, welcome to geno's, how are you doing? >> would you like a cheese steak? >> wiz with? >> all of you guys are with onion? >> come one, come all. >> what would you like, sir? we have cheese. we have cheese wiz, american. >> provalone? >> out of 40. out of 40. out of 40. that will be $10. out of 20. out of 20. >> we do not have a bathroom. >> have a good one, bye. >> have a good one. >> there go, there is the other one. thank you so much. >> that's out of 40. that's out of 40. >> i would say for making them i would have to give it to alex. >> yes, yes! >> climbing out the window, somebody was little louder, quincy. >> oh, come on. >> now, we have to go over to pat's. >> hi, i'm frank oliveri, to
9:51 am
pat's steaks, where the cheese steaks were invented. i'll show you first way to do it, not the way the impostures do it. >> bang bang. >> you're in for it, jean glow this is like east coast west coast beef right now, beef literally. >> that would be like your face sandwich. this is the way they are. >> and that's the original. and you want to make sure you don't do it upside down. i don't know what they do it across the street, but i don't do it upside down over here. >> whatever -- >> however you make it for your family. >> this is for my mama right here. >> oh, oh. >> ♪ >> ♪ here we go. >> look at that. >> oh. >> tommy has been here for? >> almost 40 years. >> almost 40 years. >> thirty-eight years in march. >> okay? >> i just lied. >> welcome to pat's everybody.
9:52 am
>> how are you doing today? >> good. >> okay, it is always good to see you. >> ya. >> thank you. >> i haven't seen you in forever. >> alex is doing all of the work, and you're talking. >> yes? >> oh. >> i'm doing customer service. it is wiz with. >> three wiz with. >> okay? >> look, cheese everywhere. >> do you see this? cheese all over the counter? >> the cheese is on. >> don't grab the paper. this is tough. >> pressure! >> look at that. >> all right. >> nice job. >> i'm going to change. a tie. >> a tie? what do we get. >> you get to come back tomorrow at 10:30. >> i love it, i love it. >> we will be here. >> really good. >> thank you. >> yeah! >> all right. mch up. >> it was good. and i was vegetarian steak at pat's that they make. >> this is true. >> that's what i was eating. so we have our pat's and geno's here.
9:53 am
>> i love these guys,eno's and . >> we know there are places all over philly and we know you're celebrating today. we'll take a break because we have to check back in on alan. not yet, but when we come back, alan, the reveal. >> oh, wow. look at all of that, ten years, ten years on the grounds there. so see alan when we come back.
9:54 am
9:55 am
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>> okay, so we're back. are you ready to go in this is my little curtain here. will you ready? on the count of three, see what alan looks like now. ready? one, two, three. >> you did it! how do you feel? >> lighter. >> lighter? >> yes, turn your head little bit. how does that feel? wow. but you're still happy you did
9:57 am
it? >> very happen. >> i now you said your kids, this is before and after. yes, there you are. now, your kids, they haven't seen you like this. >> they've only known me with long hair. >> do you think them ' recognize you? >> probably not. >> then what's next for you, what hairstyle will you do next when you grow it out? >> i don't know, we'll seement probably like a fro for awhile, maybe go back to dreads, i don't know. >> well, you have a lot to work with, that's for sure. thank you so much for what you d that's amazing. >> apply pleasure. >> nice to meet you. remember sunday all for saint baltzricks. okay, karen? this is it. the final seconds. >> christine, i want to say hi to her for one second, thank you so much poor spending your week with us, you made it through yet another week. headed into the weekends, so excited. we got our cheese steak. >> cheese steaks for breakfast on national cheese steak day, thanks to everybody that sent us the steaks. chow down. >> okay. >> smells so good. >> and we have films, thank you for all every your
9:58 am
suggestions, too, even if you can't do it today eat some this weekend. have a great weekend, everybody. >> provalone! >> high. >> i'll take one of those new fast play games. >> ready for a rush? ♪ fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! fast play, please! fast play. play fast. win instantly. dave this fios party is da bomb! fo shizzle! it's tv totally ahead of its time. yo, let me check that. oh snap. that x1 voice remote is crunk! and it lets me search with the sound of my voice. what should i watch? things have come a long way since you got fios. [nervously laughs] what's fios? fios has fallen behind. don't fall with it. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv.
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